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Property Management - Silver Coast

  • Do you own already a property in the Silver Coast?
  • Will you purchase a property in the Silver Coast?
  • Do you not live in your Silver Coast property full-time?
  • Would you like to have someone you can trust to watch over your property?
  • Would like to be assured that your investment will receive the best possible care and attention?

We have the right Silver Coast property management company for you:


The Government licensed real estate company Villas Luz, Lda. pride themselves on being a conscientious, trustworthy and dedicated team. Most of the properties that we sold are in the Silver Coast, along the Lisbon Coast and also in Central Portugal, and are located between Nazare on the north and Ericeira on the south. The majority of these properties are along the coastline but also inland.
Our company Villas Luz, Lda. operates since 1999 in the Algarve and the Silver Coast, with different branches open to our clients and with hundreds of excellent references in the Portuguese real estate market.

With this background, the company established an exclusive contract with the Silver Coast property management company "Bright Villas, Lda.".


The company offers a broad range of services. Here are some examples: 

  • Key holding. All the keys are catalogued and kept in a safe. The company keeps them available for owners, visiting guests, workers.
  • Mail box check (daily / weekly / monthly).
  • Response to alarm activation.
  • Regular external and internal property inspection. Your regularly visited property will be less likely to be targeted for burglary. The company airs the rooms to avoid dampness and mould and water regularly the plants. They spot any problems that may arise (flood, broken light-bulbs, swimming-pool pump breakdown, etc.) and have them sorted out on your behalf.
  • Quick contacts with reliable local tradesmen.
  • Regular swimming pool check and cleaning.
  • Cleaning and laundry after rental.
  • The company can meet your guests on arrival and departure and leave them their number, so that they can call them for assistance.
  • The company can prepare tourist leaflets and welcome packs for your guests.
  • Connections to utility services (telephone, water, electricity, gas, TV, satellite, cable) can be arranged for and managed.
  • Installation of light-fittings, shower cubicles, bathroom and kitchen items, furniture assembly, etc.
  • Furniture, light-fittings and household packages.
  • Insurances for your home

The company sends regular reports via e-mail and instantly reports of any damage and let you know about any work that should be done in your property.


The clients are billed on monthly bases for the regular services.

Work that needs to be done is always done with your approval of an estimated (or not to exceed) project cost. (When emergency work is needed, the company always contacts their clients via email and/or by phone/fax.)

Irregular services such as coordinating work with contractors and particular projects can be done either on an hourly cost basis or for a service mark-up (negotiated).

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