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International Schools in the Silver Coast and Central Portugal
Informations and contact details about the 2 existing international schools in the Silver Coast of Portugal.
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International Schools in the "Silver Coast" and "Central Portugal"

International Schools in the Silver Coast






Colégio Luso Internacional do Centro




Rua D. João P. Venâncio

2430-291 Marinha Grande


Phone: (+351) 244 503 710

Fax: (+351) 244 504 305



E-Mail address:








Escola Internacional de Torres Vedras




Santa Maria e São Miguel

Casal Chafariz

2560 Torres Vedras


Phone: (+351) 261 919 116

Fax: (+351) 262 919 117


E-Mail address:





Unfortunately the second website is only in Portuguese, which is ridiculous considering the fact that it is an international school, but we think that it is due to the fact that the school is new.

Both schools can pick up the children and bring them back and have a lot of other services and facilities.


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